Luggage Storage Marylebone Station

Stasher is an international luggage storage service that is 100% dependable and secure. Our platform was designed specifically for this purpose because we want to make sure that our luggage storage network is safe and offers multiple locations worldwide. 

Find Luggage Storage With Stasher

It's worth noting that our partners are reputable local businesses and hotels in London that provide secure luggage storage in the city center and near major roads, bus and train terminals, and tourist attractions. 

When you store with Stasher, you can rest assured that storage is fully insured, convenient and affordable:

  • We work with large hotel partners like Premier Inn and Accor hotels
  • Free insurance up to £1,000 per item
  • We have 5000+ reviews averaging over 4.8
  • We received customer service awards from Feefo and Visit England
  • Our service costs half the price of left luggage storage facilities or lockers in train stations.
CompanyPrice per bagInsuranceFree cancellationSecurity seals providedApp
LuggageHero£1/Hour Never more than £8/day£2200YesYesYes
Radical Storage£6/Day£500NoNoYes
Access Self Storage£6 per bag for 0-3 hours £12.5 for 3-24 hours£1000NoNoNo

London is one of the most popular destinations in Europe, and the city center is full of attractions, museums, cultural hubs, restaurants, bars, cafes… you name it! A lot of railway stations connect the different areas of London together, help passengers commute to work ―and even link Londoners to other cities.

Marylebone Station is a central railway terminus, operating since 1899 and connecting London to the cities of Leicester, Sheffield, and Manchester. If you’re visiting the city, it’s more than possible that you’re passing through Marylebone; and if you just have a few hours to spare until your next train, flight, or until you have to check in your Airbnb, what are you going to do with your luggage? Well, we’ve got you covered.

The Best Place to Store Your Luggage in Marylebone Station

Having to drag your luggage around with you while exploring a destination can be extremely tiresome. Fortunately, there are a few ways you can get rid of your stuff and leave them for safekeeping; you can use the Left Luggage option inside the premises of the station or go for the online services. Some of the most popular include Luggage Hero, Vertoe, and Stasher, our top pick. Using these services enables you to book your preferred location online, drop off your stuff and go on about your day without excess weight.

Best Online Luggage Storage Service for Marylebone Station

Stasher offers plenty of locations for your luggage’s safekeeping around Marylebone Station. The appointed storage locations, known as StashPoints, have been strategically selected by a team of professionals, and they’re chosen to be located in the most convenient spots near particular stations.

Click here to see a full list of all Stasher’s London hosts and a map for storage locations around Marylebone Station. 

How do I store my luggage in Marylebone Station?

Stasher has a lot of designated locations around Marylebone Station for you to store your bags safely.

Storing your luggage with Stasher really couldn’t be easier:

  1. Open the map
  2. Choose the StashPoint that’s most convenient for you (some of Stasher’s listings are open 24/7).
  3. Receive your booking confirmation.
  4. Arrive on the spot and drop off your luggage.
  5. Keep the uniquely numbered tags for each of your items (Stasher’s hosts will explain).
  6. Browse around the city!
  7. Return with your tags and pick up your items!

Why choose Stasher for luggage storage?

Operating since 2015, Stasher is the world’s first luggage storage network, known and trusted by travelers worldwide. The company works with different businesses around the globe ―be it cafes, hotels, etc―, ensuring you always have a secure place to store your bags while traveling.

In fact, Stasher has these particular traits:

  •  It’s convenient: all StashPoints are carefully selected, and some offer overnight luggage storage or are open 24 hours!
  • It’s affordable: the rates are just £5 a day ―50% cheaper than most traditional storage options― and £5 for any additional day. 
  • Has no restrictions: it doesn’t matter the size or how many items you’ve brought, the rate is fixed.
  • Secures your belongings: there’s a free insurance policy, securing each one of your items for up to £1000. 
  • Takes care of you: Stasher offers award-winning customer service, as proven by thousands of satisfied customer reviews and a total 4.8/5 grade score.

Storage with Excess Baggage Company

Excess Baggage Storage is a company whose offices can be found in most Airports and Railway Stations of London, providing luggage storage solutions. Open every day from 7 am until 11 pm, Excess Baggage Storage will guard your belongings with a price of £7 for up to three hours of storage, and £27 for up to 72 hours.

You can book online and pay in advance, while group discounts and commercial storage spaces are also available under some conditions ―check to see if you’re eligible.

Luggage Storage in Museums

Marylebone Station is located in central London, close to several museums; if you want to browse around, there’s a bonus option for luggage storage available for you, in the cloakrooms and lockers on site. You can try the Lisson Gallery and the Wallace Collection or visit Madame Tussauds to view some wax exhibits and try leaving your items there for a few hours. However, keep in mind that you’ll have to check the premises first, as some smaller museums, like the Sherlock Holmes Museum in Baker Street, can’t provide storage space.

Of course, you should always be aware that only museum visitors can use these facilities as a rule, and the space is often limited, so this option is best if you only have a backpack or a small carry-on suitcase; plus, these establishments tend to close down early in the day.

About Marylebone Station

There’s plenty of things to do near Marylebone Station, as it’s located in downtown London. Apart from the museums and art centers ―you can’t skip a visit to the house of Sherlock Holmes in Baker Street!―there’s also a bunch of cafes, restaurants, and bars to browse nearby.

Plus, if you’re into shopping, you might know that Oxford Street in Marylebone gathers most of England’s celebrated clothiers — and giant international brands —, including Selfridges, Zara, John Lewis, Niketown, and Urban Outfitters. 

If you’re a history buff or have a love for the media, you should also check out BBC Broadcasting House, the building that BBC’s first broadcast aired from on 15 March 1932. Last but not least bibliophiles passing through Marylebone can’t omit Daunt Books, the famous Edwardian bookshop!

Marylebone Station Facilities

  • Ticket machines are available throughout the station. The working hours of the Tickets Office are: Monday – Friday 06:30 – 22:10, Saturday 06:30 – 22:10, Sunday 07:30 – 21:40
  • There are payphones, accepting cards and coins.
  • There’s public Wi-Fi available on the premises.
  • Coffee shops, kiosks, dry cleaners, flower shops and food/bar outlets are also available inside the station. 
  • Toilets can be found on the main concourse area, while accessible toilets and baby changing facilities are also available for the passengers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I store my luggage in Marylebone Station?

You can store your luggage with the left luggage option in the station, book online with Stasher, or try museum premises.

How much does it cost to store luggage in Marylebone Station?

Prices usually vary depending on the duration, number, and size of items. Stasher will cost you £5 a day, and £5 for any additional day. 

What is there to do around Marylebone Station?

There’s plenty to do; you can visit the Sherlock Holmes Museum, Madame Tussauds or the BBC Broadcasting House, as well as a bunch of cafes and shops.