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Stasher is an international luggage storage service that is 100% dependable and secure. Our platform was designed specifically for this purpose because we want to make sure that our luggage storage network is safe and offers multiple locations worldwide. 

Find Luggage Storage With Stasher

It's worth noting that our partners are reputable local businesses and hotels in London that provide secure luggage storage in the city center and near major roads, bus and train terminals, and tourist attractions. 

When you store with Stasher, you can rest assured that storage is fully insured, convenient and affordable:

  • We work with large hotel partners like Premier Inn and Accor hotels
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CompanyPrice per bagInsuranceFree cancellationSecurity seals providedApp
LuggageHero£1/Hour Never more than £8/day£2200YesYesYes
Radical Storage£6/Day£500NoNoYes
Access Self Storage£6 per bag for 0-3 hours £12.5 for 3-24 hours£1000NoNoNo

If you’re heading to a show at the iconic Shaftesbury Theatre, the last thing you want is to be weighed down by your bags. Stasher is a convenient luggage storage service that partners with local businesses and hotels to provide secure and affordable storage.

Stasher has several StashPoints near Shaftesbury Theatre, all chosen for their excellent reviews, security features, and convenient locations. You can safely leave your luggage with them while you enjoy the show, knowing that your belongings are insured for up to £1,000 per item.

Booking a spot for your luggage with Stasher is easy. Simply visit the Stasher website, choose a location that works for you, and reserve your spot. Prices start at just £6 per day, and that includes the insurance.

Alternative Luggage Storage Solutions

While Stasher is an excellent solution, there are other services you may consider for storing your luggage near Shaftesbury Theatre:

  • LuggageHero: Operating similarly to Stasher, LuggageHero is an online platform where you can book a spot for your luggage in a shop or hotel near the Shaftesbury Theatre. They charge per hour and also offer insurance coverage.
  • Excess Baggage Company: This company provides left luggage services in many large transport hubs in London, like Kings Cross, Euston, and Charing Cross stations. While these locations may not be as close to the Shaftesbury Theatre as a Stasher or LuggageHero point, they are within a quick cab ride or a few tube stops.

Pre-Show and Post-Show Luggage Tips

When planning your visit to the Shaftesbury Theatre, remember that large bags are generally not permitted in the auditorium for safety reasons. Smaller bags may be searched upon entry, as is standard practice in many London theatres.

For your convenience, consider dropping off your luggage at your chosen storage point well before the show starts. That way, you can avoid any last-minute rush and fully enjoy your theatre experience. After the show, picking up your belongings should be just as hassle-free.

With the convenience of local luggage storage services, you can look forward to a carefree outing at the Shaftesbury Theatre. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

The History of Shaftesbury Theatre: A Beacon of London’s West End

Beginnings (1911–1968)

The Shaftesbury Theatre was constructed by Bertie Crewe and Walter Emden in 1911 as the New Prince’s Theatre, and it was the last theatre to be built on Shaftesbury Avenue — a notable London street that’s famous for its theatres. The theatre’s initial seating capacity was 2,392 and it had a Moorish design.

For its opening on Boxing Day in 1911, the theatre hosted a production of “The Three Musketeers”. Subsequently, it featured a series of melodramas, comedies, and musical comedies through the 1910s and 1920s.

In 1914, the theatre changed its name to the Prince’s Theatre and then, in 1962, it was renamed once more to its current name, Shaftesbury Theatre.

Struggles and Success (1968–1994)

Shaftesbury Theatre faced a major setback in 1968 when part of its ceiling fell down during the run of the popular musical “Hair”. This event led to the immediate closure of the theatre, and it was nearly demolished. However, the theatre was saved by a successful campaign led by the Theatre of London Society (now known as the Theatres Trust).

After its brush with demolition, the theatre saw a string of successful productions through the 1970s and 1980s, including Tony Award-winning musicals such as “They’re Playing Our Song” (1980) and “Follies” (1987).

Recent History and Restoration (1994–Present)

The Shaftesbury Theatre underwent significant restoration in the 1990s and early 2000s to return it to its former glory. Modern creature comforts were added while maintaining the venue’s historical aesthetics.

In recent years, Shaftesbury Theatre has become renowned for staging successful Broadway transfers, like “Hairspray” (2007), “Rock of Ages” (2011), and “Motown: The Musical” (2016). In 2016, the theatre underwent a major refurbishment project which included creating more space by building a new fly tower.

Over a century since it first opened its doors, Shaftesbury Theatre remains a vibrant and cherished part of London’s West End, embodying the glamour and excitement of the city’s rich theatrical history.