About Us

As of 2022, London is an increasingly popular city to visit with millions of people from all around the globe flying in each year. We, therefore, know how important convenience is in a fast pace city as London. Also, we have struggled many times to find luggage storage solutions whilst traveling in London, we have analyzed ourselves the different left luggage facilities near busy locations.  We have then realized that creating interactive printable maps was a very useful way to tackle this issue.

Thus, we have decided to help fellow travelers and we created a platform for anyone wanting to have a clear overview of the luggage storage solutions around a specific location in London.

Further, comparing prices and offers can be very time-consuming and more often than not, travelers looking to find a suitable safe luggage storage facility don’t have a lot of time to waste browsing.

As you can read in the above – our guides include:

  • Interactive map with location
  • Trusted luggage storage service providers
  • Prices
  • Insurance
  • Which stores provide inbooking meaning you do not have to book in advance
  • General and relevant knowledge about each location in London

All our content is updated for 2020 and we are updating everything on a monthly basis to make sure we only show you the newest content. Yet, we would love your feedback anytime for improvements to our site. So please just reach out by emailing us here.