Luggage Storage London Bridge

Stasher is an international luggage storage service that is 100% dependable and secure. Our platform was designed specifically for this purpose because we want to make sure that our luggage storage network is safe and offers multiple locations worldwide. 

Find Luggage Storage With Stasher

It's worth noting that our partners are reputable local businesses and hotels in London that provide secure luggage storage in the city center and near major roads, bus and train terminals, and tourist attractions. 

When you store with Stasher, you can rest assured that storage is fully insured, convenient and affordable:

  • We work with large hotel partners like Premier Inn and Accor hotels
  • Free insurance up to £1,000 per item
  • We have 5000+ reviews averaging over 4.8
  • We received customer service awards from Feefo and Visit England
  • Our service costs half the price of left luggage storage facilities or lockers in train stations.
CompanyPrice per bagInsuranceFree cancellationSecurity seals providedApp
LuggageHero£1/Hour Never more than £8/day£2200YesYesYes
Radical Storage£6/Day£500NoNoYes
Access Self Storage£6 per bag for 0-3 hours £12.5 for 3-24 hours£1000NoNoNo

Searching for luggage storage near London Bridge? London Bridge is one of the city’s most iconic places to see, but you may be at a loss about what to do with your luggage. Whether you have a few hours to spare before checking in at your hotel or find your bags too heavy to carry around, you need a practical solution.

Travelers have access to several online services that make it easy to store luggage, including our favourite, Stasher. Bounce and Stasher offer these services for up to £8 daily, while Vertoe lets you read helpful user reviews. These services allow online booking, as well as with partnered businesses nearby, so you can be sure your luggage is safe while touring London.

In addition to the convenience of online services, you can also see some of the physical benefits highlighted below.


If you’re looking for a convenient way to store your bags, suitcases or sports gear while visiting London Bridge, there are plenty of bag storage solutions available. From traditional left luggage services to innovative luggage storage solutions, companies like Stasher are there for you.

Stasher Is The Best Luggage Storage Service Near London Bridge

Stasher is the recommended luggage storage service near London Bridge for its attractive storage locations, flexible pricing, luggage insurance, and convenience of online booking. With Stasher, travelers can book online a certified restaurant, hotel, bar, or local shop and drop their luggage which will be sealed with a Stasher tag.

Stasher charges customers a flat fee for the day, providing full insurance. There are over a hundred locations in London, and dozens around London Bridge, to choose from, allowing travelers to find London Bridge bag storage and discover more before their flight back.

How Do I Store My Luggage In London Bridge?

Storing your luggage is very easy when using a service like Stasher, and we have broken the process down into five steps.

  1. Find a location that works well with your plans using the map, which shows helpful business information.
  2. Book the proper StashPoint online after you’ve found the right location, and you’ll get an immediate booking confirmation.
  3. The Stasher hosts will provide luggage tags with unique numbers when you arrive, so you don’t have to worry.
  4. You can safely go and see what you like without concern.
  5. Show your tag to pick up your suitcases and bags when you’re done.

Stasher is the first luggage storage network, started in 2015. Local stores and hotels are among the hundreds of businesses in Stasher’s network, keeping your luggage secure on your explorations of London. However, this security does not come at the cost of inconvenient hours, size restrictions, or outrageous prices.

Stasher offers:

  • A pricing structure that is size restriction-free and simple. The cost is £5 a day, with £5 for additional days, 50% less than traditional luggage storage.
  • Free insurance will cover each item for up to £1000
  • Your convenience matters above all – with a StashPoint in walking distance of all the major transport hubs and all locations professionally vetted, even in London
  • Awards from Feefo and Visit England, as well as an average 4.8/5 grade score from thousands of satisfied customer reviews, speak well of the customer service

Opening Hours For Luggage Storage Locations Around London Bridge

Although open hours can vary when you are booking online, you will be prepared in advance to adjust your schedule accordingly.

Many local spots offer overnight storage, and Stasher has many locations that stay open 24 hours a day. If using a site that is not accessible 24 hours a day, making sure you keep items you might need at hand out is necessary.

If your travel plans include nearby museums, you can take advantage of on site cloakrooms and lockers.


The London Bridge station connects to the Jubilee and Northern Lines on the Underground. There are several locations in or near the station to store your luggage, including left luggage storage facilities outside the upper concourse.

Bounce Luggage Storage

Featuring a convenient location on Duke St. Hill, this service is open until 21:30. The booking fee is per 24 hours. Travellers will pay a fee for each piece of luggage.

Excess Baggage Company

There is also an Excess Baggage Company location on London Bridge St. outside the station. The facility is open from 8:00 to 23:00 Thursday through Sunday and 08:00 to 21:00 Monday to Wednesday. We recommend checking prices on their website because of fluctuations that may occur.

Backpacks or small carry-on bags are recommended because museums often have limited space only available to visitors. Checking the hours beforehand is also helpful because many museums don’t stay open late.

Radical Storage

Radical Storage is a another company that offers storage locations which are more varied than just shops.

Their storage sites, also known as ‘Angels’, may be a restaurant/bar/cafe, a hotel, a bike rental shop, a laundromat, or almost any other kind of business.

The cost is $5 per bag for 24 hours and reservations are non-refundable.


Featuring entrances on Tooley Street and Borough High Street, the London Bridge station opened in 1836, making the terminus London’s oldest.

The station at London Bridge is the fourth-busiest in the U.K. Rail lines departing from this station service Kent, Sussex, Blackfriars, and the south coast.

All areas of London are easily accessible from this station because of its location on the Northern and Jubilee Underground lines, which also connect to other lines.

The station saw an extensive renovation in 2018, making the shortlist for the Stirling Prize because of its architecture.

London Bridge Underground Station Opening Hours

  • Monday – Saturday: 04:00 – 01:00
  • Sunday: 06:00 – 01:00

Facilities Inside London Bridge

  • There is a ticket office on the lower concourse open 04:50 to 01:20 Monday through Friday, 05:05 to 01:20 Saturday, and 06:45 to 01:20 Sunday. you can also use automatic ticket machines.
  • Baby changing stations and toilets are available.
  • Retail and dining choices include Boots, Krispy Kreme, McDonald’s, Pandora, Starbucks, and the Body Shop

Tips for Luggage Storage In London Bridge

  1. Make sure to research your options for luggage storage near London Bridge Station prior to your visit. There are a variety of services available, so compare prices and amenities to find the best option for you.
  2. Before leaving your luggage at any facility, make sure to ask about the security measures they have put in place. Ask if there are CCTV cameras, security guards, or any other measures to ensure the safety of your belongings.
  3. Always check the opening and closing times of the storage facility before making a booking. This will ensure that you can collect your luggage when you need it.
  4. Most storage facilities require you to bring a valid form of ID with you when you drop off your luggage. Make sure to bring this with you to avoid any confusion or delays.
  5. When packing your luggage, make sure to label all of your items clearly. This will make it easier for you to identify them when you come to collect them.
  6. Make sure to check the terms and conditions of the storage facility before agreeing to use their services. This will ensure that you understand what you are signing up for.
  7. If you require additional assistance when carrying your luggage, many storage facilities offer porter services. Make sure to check if this is available when booking your storage service.
  8. Finally, always keep the contact details of the storage facility with you in case you need to reach them while you are away. This will help ensure that any problems can be dealt with quickly and easily.


Does London Bridge have lockers?

There are several locker locations at London Bridge, including Bounce Luggage Storage, Excess Baggage Company, or Stasher. Stasher allows you to pick the most convenient location.

Where can I store my luggage for a few hours?

You can store your luggage at one of the many convenient Stasher locations. You may also be able to store luggage for a few hours at a museum you’re visiting.

What is Stasher luggage storage?

Stasher is a luggage storage network that works with businesses conveniently located around London. You can use any location convenient for your needs.