Wembley Stadium

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Wembley Stadium, located in London, is an iconic venue for sports, concerts, and other events. As a visitor to the stadium, it’s essential to be aware of the luggage storage options and bag policy to ensure a hassle-free experience. This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about storing your luggage and adhering to Wembley Stadium’s bag policy.

Wembley Stadium Bag Policy

To ensure the safety of all guests, Wembley Stadium enforces a strict bag policy. It’s crucial to familiarize yourself with these rules before attending an event at the stadium.

Types of bags allowed and size restrictions:

  • Small bags are permitted, with a maximum size of 30cm x 30cm x 15cm.
  • Backpacks, large bags, and suitcases are not allowed inside the stadium.

Prohibited items:

  • Items such as glass bottles, cans, weapons, fireworks, and any other item deemed dangerous are prohibited.
  • Professional cameras, video recording equipment, laptops, and tablets are also not allowed.

Security measures and bag checks:

  • All bags will be subject to a security check before entering the stadium.
  • Refusal to cooperate with security checks may result in denied entry.

Special considerations for events and concerts:

  • Some events may have specific restrictions or additional security measures, so it’s essential to check the event details before attending.

Luggage Storage at Wembley Stadium

On-site luggage storage facilities:

  • Wembley Stadium provides luggage storage facilities for visitors.
  • The luggage storage facility is located near the ticket office and operates on event days.
  • Pricing depends on the size of the item, and storage duration is limited to the event’s duration.
  • Security measures include CCTV monitoring and secure storage rooms.

Accessibility and special needs considerations:

  • The luggage storage facility is wheelchair accessible, and staff are available to assist guests with special needs.

Alternative Luggage Storage Options near Wembley Stadium


  • Stasher partners with local businesses to provide secure luggage storage options.
  • Several Stasher locations are available near Wembley Stadium.
  • Pricing is per bag, and insurance coverage is included.


  • LuggageHero operates similarly to Stasher, with local businesses providing storage spaces.
  • Numerous LuggageHero locations can be found near Wembley Stadium.
  • Pricing is hourly, and insurance coverage is also included.


  • Bagbnb is another luggage storage service that partners with local businesses.
  • Several Bagbnb locations are situated close to Wembley Stadium.
  • Pricing is per bag, and insurance coverage is provided.

Luggage Storage at Nearby Hotels

Overview of luggage storage for hotel guests:

  • Many hotels near Wembley Stadium offer luggage storage services for their guests.
  • The services are typically located at the hotel’s front desk or concierge area.
  • Luggage storage is usually complimentary for hotel guests.

Luggage storage options for non-guests:

  • Some hotels may provide luggage storage services for non-guests for a fee.
  • It’s crucial to call the hotel in advance to inquire about luggage storage options for non-guests, as not all hotels provide this service.

Lockers Near Wembley Stadium

Overview of available locker rental services:

  • Although Wembley Stadium does not offer locker rentals, there may be lockers available for rent in nearby locations, such as gyms or shopping centres.
  • Availability and pricing may vary, so it’s essential to research and contact these facilities in advance.

Locations and pricing:

  • A quick online search can help you find locker rental services near Wembley Stadium.
  • Check their website or contact them directly for information on pricing and availability.

Security and accessibility:

  • Ensure that the locker rental facility you choose has adequate security measures, such as CCTV monitoring or staff supervision.
  • Check if the lockers are easily accessible, especially for guests with mobility issues or other special needs.

Safety Tips for Storing Luggage

Choosing a secure luggage storage provider:

  • Opt for a reputable luggage storage service with positive reviews and a track record of reliability.

Packing and securing your belongings:

  • Pack your luggage carefully, and avoid carrying valuable items when possible. If you must bring valuables, ensure they are not visible and are securely packed within your bag.

Insurance and liability coverage:

  • Choose a luggage storage provider that offers insurance coverage for stored items, and be aware of any limitations or exclusions in their policy.

Getting to Wembley Stadium

Public transportation options:

  • Tube: Wembley Park Station (Jubilee and Metropolitan lines) and Wembley Central Station (Bakerloo line)
  • Bus: Several bus routes serve Wembley Stadium, including the 83, 92, and 182
  • Train: Wembley Stadium Station (Chiltern Railways)

Driving and parking facilities:

  • Limited parking is available at Wembley Stadium, and it’s recommended to book parking in advance through the stadium’s official website.
  • Be aware of traffic congestion and potential road closures on event days.

Food and Beverage Policies at Wembley Stadium

Permitted food and beverages:

  • Small amounts of food for personal consumption are allowed.
  • Non-alcoholic beverages in plastic bottles with unbroken seals (up to 500ml) are permitted.

Restrictions and prohibited items:

  • Alcohol is not allowed to be brought into the stadium.
  • Glass bottles and cans are prohibited.

On-site food and beverage options:

  • Wembley Stadium offers a wide range of food and beverage options, including kiosks, cafes, and restaurants, to cater to various dietary preferences and requirements.

Accessibility and Special Needs Accommodations

Wheelchair access and seating:

  • Wembley Stadium has designated wheelchair-accessible seating areas.
  • Companion seats are available for wheelchair users.

Assistance for visually and hearing-impaired guests:

  • Induction loops and infrared systems are available for hearing-impaired guests.
  • Assistance dogs are permitted for visually impaired guests, and dedicated seating areas are available.

Service animal policies:

  • Registered assistance dogs are allowed at Wembley Stadium but must be kept on a lead and wear their identification at all times.
  • Guests with service animals should notify the stadium in advance to ensure appropriate accommodations are made.


By familiarizing yourself with the luggage storage options and bag policy at Wembley Stadium, you can ensure a seamless and enjoyable visit to this iconic venue. Remember to choose a secure storage provider, adhere to the stadium’s bag policy, and take advantage of the various transportation options and amenities available at Wembley Stadium.