London Stations

Luggage Storage at London Train Stations Even though it’s 2021, a lot of travelers are still lugging around their suitcases when they visit London. Carrying a bag on your shoulder and wheeling a suitcase around is not ideal. It makes departures and arrivals a dreadful experience. The thing is, many travelers don’t know about locations where luggage can be stored. These locations are known as “left luggage facilities” and are rightly named so because they’re for luggage that is left behind. These facilities are located at both railway stations and underground stations; at airports and attractions; and various hubs.

In London, there are…
– 14 railway terminals
– 11 underground lines
– 270 underground stations

These terminals, lines, and stations contribute to London’s unique qualities. Some third-party companies host left luggage storage locations within the stations. However, because this is a convenient location, there will be long lines, and it will be more expensive.

We want to save you time and money. That’s why we’ve compiled this guide. It contains all the information you need to find a good left luggage facility near you. For your convenience, we’ve included comparison rates from different companies. Our website also features a map that shows you the surrounding areas for each location. Download these maps to your phone for easy, on-the-go access.