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When it comes to storing luggage in London, there are many available services that cater to the needs of travelers seeking convenience, security, and peace of mind. Among these, our top choices are Bounce and Stasher, as they both provide extensive coverage across the city along with additional services that enhance the travel experience. Bounce and Stasher distinguish themselves through their vast networks of secure locations, flexible storage options, and exceptional customer support.

Whether you're in London for a layover, exploring the city for the day, or need a place to store your bags while checking out late, these services offer a reliable and cost-effective solution. Each has its unique strengths, from Bounce's partnerships with reputable hotels and shops to Bounce's user-friendly app and insurance coverage for every item stored.

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CompanyPrice per bagInsuranceFree cancellationSecurity seals providedApp
Bouncefrom £4.90 / day$10000YesYesYes
LuggageHero£1/Hour Never more than £8/day£2200YesYesYes
Radical Storage£6/Day£500NoNoYes
Access Self Storage£6 per bag for 0-3 hours £12.5 for 3-24 hours£1000NoNoNo

Find Luggage Storage In London With Bounce - 2024

Storing luggage with Bounce in London is an excellent idea for travelers seeking convenience, security, and affordability. As one of the largest luggage storage networks, Bounce offers an extensive array of storage locations across the city, ensuring you're never far from a drop-off point. With Bounce, you can explore London's sights like Bluewater Shopping Centre, Piccadilly Circus, or Trafalgar Square without the burden of your bags. Bounce's partnership with local hotels and shops means you can find a secure spot to store your luggage in virtually any major neighborhood.

Security is a top priority for Bounce, with each location vetted for safety and offering BounceShield™ protection, security seals, and well-trained staff. The convenience of 24/7 availability in many locations, combined with affordable prices starting at just £4.90 per bag for 24 hours, makes Bounce the smart choice for luggage storage. Booking through the Bounce website or mobile app guarantees space and provides you with 24/7 customer support, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Whether you're waiting to check into your accommodation or have hours to spare before a flight, Bounce's flexible and secure service allows you to enjoy London to the fullest, baggage-free.

Find Luggage Storage In London With Stasher - 2024

Choosing Stasher for luggage storage in London offers travelers a blend of convenience, security, and award-winning customer service. With a network encompassing hundreds of hotels and local businesses, Stasher ensures you're always within reach of a secure spot to store your luggage, whether you're exploring Piccadilly Circus, heading to Wembley Stadium, or visiting the British Museum.

Stasher stands out for several reasons, making it a preferred choice for luggage storage in London. Firstly, its partnership with reputable hotel chains like Premier Inn and Accor Hotels guarantees that your belongings are kept in safe and reliable locations. Additionally, Stasher's commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected in its free insurance coverage of up to £2,500.00 per item, providing travelers with extra peace of mind.

With over 5,000 positive reviews and an average rating of over 4.8, Stasher's reputation for exceptional customer service is well-established. This commitment to excellence has been recognized with customer service awards from Feefo and Visit England. Moreover, Stasher's pricing is competitive, often costing half the price of traditional station left luggage facilities or lockers, making it an economical choice for travelers.

As one of the most popular art museums in London, it’s no wonder that Tate Modern attracts visitors from all over the world. While this iconic cultural institution is well-equipped to handle the influx of guests, there’s one issue that can put a damper on your experience: luggage. Carrying around a heavy suitcase or backpack while navigating the museum can be a hassle, but fortunately, there are various luggage storage options available at Tate Modern and nearby areas.

Understanding the Need for Luggage Storage at Tate Modern

Tate Modern is a vast space, and visitors often spend hours exploring its countless galleries and exhibits. While carrying your luggage around may seem like a minor inconvenience at first, it can quickly become a hindrance as you navigate through the different areas of the museum. Additionally, many of the exhibits have strict security policies, and bulky bags or suitcases are typically not allowed in. This makes luggage storage a necessary and practical solution for those visiting Tate Modern.

Visiting Tate Modern: What to Expect

Before discussing the various luggage storage options available at Tate Modern, it’s important to understand what to expect when visiting this iconic museum. Tate Modern is located in the heart of London, on the banks of the River Thames. It’s home to an extensive collection of artwork from different eras and cultures, and exhibits rotate regularly. Visitors can take guided tours, attend workshops and lectures, or simply explore the museum on their own.

One of the most notable aspects of Tate Modern is its unique architecture. The museum is housed in a former power station, and the massive brick building is a sight to behold. Inside, visitors can expect to see a wide range of art, from classic paintings and sculptures to modern installations and multimedia pieces. The museum is known for its thought-provoking exhibits and its commitment to showcasing diverse perspectives and voices.

Reasons for Luggage Storage During Your Visit

While visiting Tate Modern, you may have several reasons for using a luggage storage service. Perhaps you’ve just arrived in London and have your luggage with you, or maybe you’re checking out of your hotel but have several hours to kill before your flight. Whatever the case may be, baggage storage can help enhance your Tate Modern experience by allowing you to explore the museum unencumbered.

If you’re a fan of modern art, Tate Modern is a must-see destination. The museum’s collection includes works by some of the most famous contemporary artists in the world, including Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, and Andy Warhol. In addition to its permanent collection, Tate Modern also hosts temporary exhibits that showcase emerging artists and explore cutting-edge themes and ideas.

One thing to keep in mind when visiting Tate Modern is that the museum can be quite busy, especially during peak tourist season. If you’re traveling with a large group or have mobility issues, carrying your luggage around can be especially challenging. Using a luggage storage service can help make your visit more comfortable and enjoyable.

Overall, luggage storage is an essential service for anyone visiting Tate Modern. By freeing yourself from the burden of your bags, you can fully immerse yourself in the museum’s incredible art and architecture. Whether you’re a seasoned art lover or simply looking for a fun and educational way to spend an afternoon in London, Tate Modern is an experience you won’t want to miss.

Official Luggage Storage Options at Tate Modern

As one of the premier art museums in London, Tate Modern offers several official luggage storage options to visitors. However, there’s more to Tate Modern than just luggage storage. It’s a cultural hub that showcases contemporary and modern art from around the world. With over 60,000 works of art, the museum is a must-visit for art enthusiasts and tourists alike.

Cloakroom Services

Tate Modern’s cloakroom service is the most convenient and secure way to store your luggage while visiting the museum. Located on Level 0, the cloakroom is open daily and has friendly staff who can assist with storing your bags. The cloakroom is not just a place to store your luggage, but also a place to learn about the museum’s history and art collection. The staff at the cloakroom are knowledgeable and can provide visitors with information about the museum’s exhibits and events.

Moreover, the cloakroom is equipped with state-of-the-art security systems, ensuring that your luggage is safe and secure while you explore the museum. You can enjoy your visit to Tate Modern without worrying about your belongings.

Prices vary depending on the size of your luggage, with lockers available for smaller items and staff-assisted storage for larger pieces. The cloakroom is wheelchair accessible, and there are no restrictions on the number of bags you can store. So, feel free to explore the museum without any burden.

Lockers and Storage Facilities

In addition to the cloakroom, Tate Modern has lockers and storage facilities available for visitors to use. These are located in the basement of the museum and are accessible through the Turbine Hall entrance. The lockers are perfect for visitors who want to store their belongings and explore the museum without any weight on their shoulders.

The lockers are easy to use and come in different sizes to accommodate various types of luggage. They are also equipped with security systems to ensure the safety of your belongings. The storage facilities are staff-assisted, and you can store your luggage for as long as you want.

While you’re in the basement, don’t forget to check out the museum’s restaurant and cafe. The restaurant serves delicious food, and the cafe has a wide selection of drinks and snacks. It’s the perfect place to take a break and recharge before continuing your exploration of the museum.

Pricing and Size Limitations

The prices for luggage storage at Tate Modern vary depending on the size of your bag or suitcase, with prices ranging from £3 to £7 per item per day. The museum accepts cash and credit card payments, making it easy for visitors to pay for their storage.

There are size limitations in place, with bags or suitcases larger than 43x35x25cm not permitted in the cloakroom or lockers. However, if your luggage is larger than this, don’t worry. The museum has a baggage drop service where you can leave your luggage for a small fee. The service is located near the main entrance of the museum.

In conclusion, Tate Modern is not just a museum but a cultural experience. With its official luggage storage options, you can enjoy your visit without any worries. So, pack your bags and head to Tate Modern for an unforgettable journey through contemporary and modern art.

How To Get To Tate Modern

Getting to Tate Modern from various parts of London is relatively easy due to the well-connected public transportation system. Tate Modern is located on the south bank of the River Thames, close to the Millennium Bridge.

Here are some options for reaching Tate Modern:

  1. By London Underground (Tube): The nearest Tube stations to Tate Modern are Southwark (Jubilee Line), Blackfriars (District and Circle Lines), and St. Paul’s (Central Line). Southwark Station is approximately a 10-minute walk from the museum, while Blackfriars and St. Paul’s Stations are both around a 15-minute walk.
  2. By Train: The closest railway stations to Tate Modern are Blackfriars Station and London Bridge Station. Both stations are within walking distance or a short bus ride away.
  3. By Bus: Several bus routes serve the area around Tate Modern. Key routes include numbers 45, 63, and 100, which stop on Blackfriars Bridge Road, and numbers 381 and RV1, which stop on Southwark Street. You can use Transport for London’s (TfL) Journey Planner to find the best route for your trip.
  4. By River: The Tate Boat runs between Tate Modern and Tate Britain along the River Thames, with stops at the London Eye and the Tower of London. The boat service runs every 40 minutes during the gallery opening hours.
  5. By Bicycle: There are several Santander Cycles docking stations near Tate Modern, allowing you to rent a bike for a short period. Additionally, there are bicycle racks available outside the museum for visitors who prefer to use their own bikes.
  6. By Car: If you choose to drive, be aware that parking is limited around Tate Modern. The museum does not have a dedicated car park, and street parking in the area is scarce. Public transportation is recommended for convenience and to avoid parking difficulties.

Alternative Luggage Storage Options Near Tate Modern

If you’re planning to visit Tate Modern and need to store your luggage, there are several options available to you. While Tate Modern does offer official luggage storage, there are also several alternative services you can use if you prefer not to use their service or if it’s unavailable.

bounce Luggage Storage Service

Bounce is a popular luggage storage service that uses local businesses such as cafes, hotels, and convenience stores to store your bags. They have several storage locations near Tate Modern, including Waterloo Station, Kings Cross Station, and London Bridge. Bounce charges a flat fee of £4.90 per day per item.

Using Bounce’s service is easy. Simply book your storage online and drop off your bags at the designated location. You’ll receive a unique identification code that allows you to retrieve your bags when you’re ready to pick them up. Bounce also offers insurance coverage of up to $10,000 per item, giving you peace of mind while your bags are in storage.

LuggageHero Storage Locations

LuggageHero is another popular luggage storage service that utilizes local businesses to store your bags. They have several locations throughout London, including one just a short walk from Tate Modern. LuggageHero charges a flat fee of £1 per hour per item or a maximum of £10 per day per item.

Access Self Storage

If you’re looking for a more traditional storage solution, Access Self Storage is a leading provider of storage solutions in London and has several locations throughout the city. There are two Access Self Storage locations near Tate Modern, one in Southwark and one in Bermondsey. Prices vary depending on the size of your luggage and the duration of your storage needs.

Safety and Security of Stored Luggage

When storing your luggage, safety and security are of utmost importance. Fortunately, both Tate Modern’s official luggage storage options and the third-party services mentioned earlier take your safety seriously.

Security Measures at Tate Modern Storage Facilities

Tate Modern’s cloakroom and storage facilities have stringent security measures in place to protect your belongings. There are CCTV cameras monitoring the areas, and staff members are trained to identify and prevent any suspicious activity.

Trusting Third-Party Luggage Storage Services

Both Bounce and LuggageHero have stringent security policies in place to ensure the safety of your belongings. They only partner with reputable local businesses and require all storage locations to meet their strict security standards.

Tips for Keeping Your Belongings Safe

While luggage storage facilities are generally safe and secure, there are a few tips to keep in mind when storing your belongings. Always inspect the storage area before leaving your bags to ensure there are no unauthorized individuals nearby. It’s also a good idea to use a luggage lock to prevent anyone from tampering with your bags.

Overall, if you’re visiting Tate Modern and need to store your luggage, there are several convenient and safe options available. By utilizing these services, you can enhance your experience while exploring this world-class museum without the burden of carrying around heavy bags or suitcases.