Luggage Storage Trafalgar Square

Stasher is an international luggage storage service that is 100% dependable and secure. Our platform was designed specifically for this purpose because we want to make sure that our luggage storage network is safe and offers multiple locations worldwide. 

Find Luggage Storage With Stasher

It's worth noting that our partners are reputable local businesses and hotels in London that provide secure luggage storage in the city center and near major roads, bus and train terminals, and tourist attractions. 

When you store with Stasher, you can rest assured that storage is fully insured, convenient and affordable:

  • We work with large hotel partners like Premier Inn and Accor hotels
  • Free insurance up to £1,000 per item
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  • We received customer service awards from Feefo and Visit England
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Luggage Storage in Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square is a popular spot for tourists and locals alike in the heart of London. With so much to see and do, it can be difficult to keep track of your luggage without a secure place to store it. Fortunately, there are several options for luggage storage in Trafalgar Square, making it easy to enjoy a hassle-free visit to the area.

Luggage Lockers at Trafalgar Square

The most convenient option for luggage storage in Trafalgar Square is to use the luggage lockers at the National Gallery. These lockers are located on the ground floor of the gallery and can be accessed from the main entrance. The lockers are available for use from 8am to 6pm, 7 days a week and cost £4 per day per locker. There is a limit of two bags or suitcases per locker, and all items must be stored securely.

Baggage Storage at Hotels

If you are staying in a hotel near Trafalgar Square, you can ask the hotel if they offer luggage storage. Most hotels in the area offer luggage storage services for a small fee, so it is worth asking if they can accommodate your needs. Make sure to check out the terms and conditions of the service before leaving your luggage in the hotel’s care.

Luggage Storage Services in Trafalgar Square

If you are looking for a more secure option for luggage storage in Trafalgar Square, there are several companies that offer luggage storage services in the area. These companies offer secure storage for a fee, and typically allow you to store your luggage for up to 24 hours. Most companies also have a minimum number of items that you must store, so make sure to check the details before booking a service.

Luggage Storage at Transport Stations

If you are travelling to Trafalgar Square via public transport, you can store your luggage at one of the nearby transport stations. Charing Cross and Leicester Square both offer luggage storage services, with a fee of around £5 per item per day. Both stations also offer a maximum storage time of 24 hours.

Luggage Delivery Services in Trafalgar Square

If you don’t want to worry about storing your luggage in Trafalgar Square, you can opt for a luggage delivery service. These services allow you to send your luggage directly to your destination, so you don’t have to carry it around with you. Most services offer a pick-up option from your hotel or accommodation, and will deliver your luggage directly to your destination.


With so many luggage storage options in Trafalgar Square, it is easy to keep your belongings safe and secure while you explore the area. Whether you opt for a luggage locker, hotel storage, or a delivery service, you can rest assured that your belongings are in safe hands.