The best inspirational songs

We all like to see ourselves in the music we listen to, whether it’s a peppy tune about being a great friend or a sweaty lovemaking ballad (especially if it’s a sweaty lovemaking ballad). That’s doubly true when it comes to the best inspirational songs. There’s something cathartic about knowing that our favorite singers must overcome the same struggles as we do: Sure, they may be rich and famous, but even the most glamourous rocker has had to get past their fair share of obstacles. Multimilionaires – they’re just like us!

Next time you’re feeling down and looking to fight through your own troubles, take a cue from these 30 pop-music affirmations. You’ll find classic rockers pulling themselves up by the bootstraps and divas declaring themselves queens, rappers beating their chests and Motown heroes standing tall after conquering the world. And in each, you might just find a little bit of yourself, too.

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